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Learn Turkish language
Learn Turkish language

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On this huge free website, you'll find everything you need to know about learning the Turkish language... from extremely informative and entertaining explanations on Turkish grammar points through how to curse your Turkish enemies, and make passionate love to your Turkish friends.

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Tüm sinema ve TV fırsatları için tıklayın !

Turkish Movie Poster
Hırsız Prences
(Thief Princess) 1967
starred Fatma Girik and Kartal Tibet
in the love-story of
a destitute female pickpocket
and the man who reforms her.
Turkish movie poster -- 'Hırsız Prenses' (Thief Princess) -- starring Fatma Girik and Kartal Tibet in 1967.
To our Turkish Movies Catalog!

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Learn Turkish language

About the Turkish language...

Some may disagree, but we think that
learning Turkish is hard
if you come from an English-speaking background -- as we do.
Consider these points about the Turkish language...
So...how can we make learning Turkish 'fun', you ask?
Well for one thing...
at the Learning Practical Turkish Web Site,
we'll give you the chance to see and hear videos of
Spoken Turkish --
not just read, what some might call, our dull text.
Learn Turkish Language -- sound file
if sound isn't convenient in your current location at the moment,
then try our excellent
Learn Turkish Pronunciation Guide
and visit our
Text-intensive, Turkish learning

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We're not into fancy jargon-filled lecturing here. We're used to enjoying our Turkish Language Learning. Which means... that you'll find us featuring many of the lighter sides of the Turkish language as we venture along the way.

if you're curious about the Turkish language and interested in learning how it works, please browse
the Learning Practical Turkish Web site, and if you have time, let us know what you think of it.

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