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Nilüfer Öz
(Nilufer Oz)

loves our Free Turkish Downloads
Nilufer Öz (Oz) -- Oriental Dancer, Belly Dancer
Turkish Oriental Dancer, Belly Dancer
Famous Türk Picture Series

Rare and lost gems of Turkish cinema
on limited edition DVD

Onar Films -- Zagor, Kara Bela
Onar Films

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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  • [software] A Turkish-English-Turkish Dictionary -- Pluses: Has an intuitive interface, provides example Turkish sentences in English mode, uses just 3 MB of disk space; Minuses: In Turkish Mode the English dictionary entries are a bit cryptic. (740 KB Zip file)
  • [software] Translation Program for Beginners -- Turkish English-Turkish (for CD owners) - Pluses: Translates in both 'directions', provides reasonably good 'standard' phrase translations, contains an English-Turkish test, part of a stand-alone dictionary, a full-featured Windows program (with Help and Print Menus, etc.), uses just 3.5 MB of disk space; Minuses: provides 'Tarzanca' translations for 'non-standard' phrases, the Turkish language interface may be problematic for Beginners. (1.34 MB Zip file)
  • [software] Mini Translation Program for Beginners -- English-Turkish (for CD owners) -- Pluses: Since it only translates English to Turkish, the interface is fairly intuitive; provides reasonably good 'standard' phrase translations, contains an English-Turkish test, part of a stand-alone dictionary, uses just 3 MB of disk space; Minuses: One direction translation only, provides 'Tarzanca' translations for 'non-standard' phrases, a very basic Windows program with F1 Help. (1.1 MB Zip file)
  • [software] Microsoft's Turkish Proofing/Spell Checking Files-- for Office 2000 users (, 2.3 MB) Indispensable !!

  • [for documents] Turkish TrueType fonts (.ZIP, 700kb)-- easier than ever to install and use! This variety pack of Turkish fancy fonts are 'web safe' -- because your computer recognizes them as pictures. Just copy them into your Windows FONTS folder and awaaaay you go! For even fancier font-related downloads try the TrFonts website...

  • [software] WinMekMak Turkish Verb Conjugator Program
    -- Freeware Prototype Version 0.9 (.ZIP, 444kb)
    Taner Nalbat's original MekMak verb conjugator, has been completely revised and updated in collaboration with Per Brännström to run under all versions of Microsoft Windows. Features a multi-lingual interface. Use in conjunction with the LPT Verb Charts... It's great!

  • [software] Microsoft's Multi-language Support Package for Turkish (and other regional languages) (LANG.EXE, 1.3 MB) For Win 95/98/ME/XP...Enables keyboard switching between English and Turkish -- and provides a basic set of Turkish fonts!

  • [for documents] More Freeware Turkish -- English TrueType Fonts (.ZIP, 326kb). A few additional, more 'fun', fonts for creating your own bilingual documents (includes installation instructions for Windows users). And here's a tip -- to make the Turkish characters display in your wordprocesser...

  • [software] A bilingual Turkish-English Dictionary -- desk-top sized and easy to use. (EXEcutable ZIP file, 1.3MB) (Program menu's are all in easy-to-decipher Turkish.) Courtesy of Turkish friends at:

  • [software] A slick new Turkish-English-Turkish off-line dictionary (.ZIP, 4MB)...from Babylon [Version 4.0.3 (r16)]. First, install the Babylon Pro software... Then, (2) place the two included Turkish 'bgl' files in the Babylon Pro 'data' folder, (3) install them both 'from disk' under the Glossary Options menu option, (4) choose how you want to activate Babylon Pro, under the Configuration/Find menu option, (5) make any other configuration choices you wish, and...Away you go!

  • [software] 10-Finger Typing Tutor (.ZIP, 1.2MB) -- use this together with the
    Turkish Keyboard Diagram and the LANG.EXE Turkish keyboard-switching 'download', and you'll be 10-finger typing in Turkish, in no time at all...(free from our friends at the website)

  • [for documents] Turkish Keyboard Diagram (QWERTY-format), a ZIPped (3k) Excel 'picture' file -- with many thanks from our new Belgian arkadaş Willy P...

  • [software] Turkish spelling-aid -- just start typing in Turkish to display a list of
    all 'candidate' words. (.ZIP, 2.9MB).
    (Program menu's are all in easy-to-decipher Turkish.)
    Courtesy of TDK (the Turkish Language Institute)...

  • [software] A neat little 'talking' program that'll help you learn to pronounce Turkish words and phrases -- which you type in. Its computer accent ain't very refined, but it'll teach you all you need to know about Turkish syllables. In a self-installing program (.EXE, 312kb). (Program menu's are all in easy-to-decipher Turkish.) Courtesy of Turkish friends at: and

  • [software] Turgut Kalfaoğlu's Shareware Turkish Vocabulary Builder (.ZIP, 75kb) Runs under DOS. Features an all-English interface that re-tests your weak areas. The author has even included the original BASIC Source code...A must have item!

  • [software] Taner Nalbat's Original Shareware Turkish Verb Conjugator Program -- Version 3.0 (.ZIP, 27kb) Runs under DOS. Features a multi-lingual interface. Use in conjunction with the LPT Verb Charts...It's great!

  • [software] Turkish Travel Planner (.ZIP, 240kb) for Win 3.1 and Win 95. A clean interface lets you calculate each leg of your journey -- distance and time!

  • [Turkish Movies]Can AKIN Multimedia Productions - (The above need Microsoft PowerPoint Playback Program.)

  • [Turkish Movies] Download RealPlayer for frrreee...
    -- to hear all the voice recordings on our website.
    Contact us if you need help getting RealMedia/Audio recordings to play...

  • [for documents] Our weekly Cyprus Times newspaper articles -- for 'Beginners'
    May-June 2005 (11 articles)
    March-April 2005 (5 articles)

  • [Turkish Movies]Download Turkish TV Adverts, Turkish Movie/Film Clips, Türk Film Fragmanları İndir (Conventional Turkish Films, Fantastik Turkish Films, and Erotic Turkish Films)
    • [Turkish Movies Film Clip]Geleneksel Türk Filmleri (Conventional-Traditional Turkish Films), Movie Clip Downloads -
    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    Turkish Love Links, Love Links in Turkey


    Language-learning pages:
  • How To Learn Basic Turkish --
    A Practical Philosophy for beginners

    (Found in the 'Introduction to The Whole Earth Catalog of Turkish Movies'.)
  • Why Off-color language is important too...
  • Translating Turkish, the basics
  • Essential Turkish Vocabulary
  • Pretty Good Pronoun Charts
  • Turkish Verbs
  • Essential Idioms, Index
  • Essential Suffixes, Index
  • Sentence Structure, Standard
  • Turkish Pronunciation
  • Turkish Accenting
  • Turkish Numbers Revealed
  • Turkish Adjective Heaven -- or hell?
  • Other Turkish Language Difficulties
  • Unrelated fun:
  • Maganda, The Racy Turkish Lout -- a risqué illustration of the word zipper
  • Aysel, The Turkish Lout's daughter -- has a sexy job interview technique
  • Ferdi Tayfur - Arabesque (Arabesk) Singing Sensation
  • Turkish Movies - Best-Looking Bad Girl of the 1970s, Sevda Ferdağ
  • Bad Girls of the 1970s Turkish Cinema, Aliye Rona
  • Frequently asked questions about Turkey and the Turkish language
  • llustrated Nargile Users Guide -- and Encyclopedia
  • Our Honda Generator -- A Member of the Family
  • Habibullah and the Great Cannon Caper
  • A simple Turkish 'thing'...
  • Turkish Belly Dancers
  • Turkish Tango, Dance the Romance
  • Turkish Terms Of Endearment
  • Turkish Personal Names
  • Politically Incorrect Turkish Humor
  • Why Off-Color Turkish is important too
  • Gossipy Turkish Who's Who
  • Turkish Movies -- Conventional and 'Erotik', Index
  • We say softball, you say rounders...
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